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Ann Caird, BA (Distinction), PPNE.
Certified baby and child sleep consultant & 
Prenatal and Perinatal Educator.

At Nurturing Sleep I believe in applying an emotionally appropriate and holistic approach to baby and child sleep and behavioural difficulties.

My Emotional Well-being approach considers all aspects of the baby and child's life, including birth experience, pregnancy, early life experiences, sleep history and more. Specifically, I address the uniqueness of each individual baby and child.

The Nurturing Sleep aim is to empower parents and families, supporting with the understanding of underlying emotional factors and previous experiences influencing sleep and behaviours, and providing them with tools to support their child holistically.

My work is not about quick fixes; it has developed and evolved over my 30 years professional, work, study and life  experience, and is based on connection, attachment, emotions and celebrates the uniqueness of each baby and child.


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