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Parenting Support for Toddler and Pre-schooler Behaviour.

Throughout my work I have increasingly found there to be a strong link between sleep and daytime behaviours. Typically sleep disturbance is a symptom of other behavioural, social, developmental and/or emotional factors within the child's life, or sleep disturbance influences daytime behaviours.


In many cases when working with toddlers and pre-schoolers I work with daytime behaviours to support sleep. As with sleep support, my approach is based on respect for how the child feels, what is influencing how he feels and of course  emotions;  my focus is not on purely 'fixing' the observable behaviours. So, often my Emotional Wellbeing approach is applied to address daytime behavioural and emotional issues in an holistic approach to support sleep.


The best way to explain the approach is that is it based on emotional wellbeing of the child and therefore connection, the Aware Parenting theory when relevant. Therefore, Its an extension of Nurturing Sleep's successful sleep approach.



The approach and support I offer then is non-punitive and is based on attachment, connection, emotional understanding, laughter, play and crying.


Again, the approach is respectful of the child's emotions and feelings, and aims to provide parents with understanding and tools to support their child's behaviours and emotions holistically.


I now offer consultations to help parents understand and support their toddlers and pre-schoolers day to day tricky behaviours without the use of naughty steps, time outs or rewards and punishments.


1 hour Skype/FaceTime support chat: £50;

90 minute Skype/FaceTime consultation: £75.

The opportunity to talk with Ann about your child's behavior and/or sleep.

Gain clarity and insight into the possible underlying factors relating to your child's behaviours;

Discuss strategies and approaches with an aim to support emotional wellbeing and resolve, manage and improve behaviors in a respectful and emotionally appropriate way.

Please note: A review email is sent after the chat, however specific notes, plans and follow up support are not included with individual chats - however you can arrange further support chats, after assessing your child, I usually suggest if and when further support chats are required or necessary.