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Sleep Support Chats and Consultations

Skype or FaceTime Chat: £50

1 hour support chat.

The opportunity to talk with me about your child's sleep in a single consultation, or work with a series of chats as a "Pay As You Go" support option.


  • Talk through your concerns about your child's sleep;
  • Gain clarity about possible underlying influences on sleep disturbances and behaviours;
  • Troubleshoot difficult sleep problems and/or behaviors;
  • Gain understanding of the possible deeper roots of problematic sleep and behaviours;
  • Discuss emotionally appropriate options for resolving problems.
  • Option to tap into multiple chats in a "pay as you go" support option working with sleep at your own pace.


Please note: I send an overview of the chat by email, however this option does not include a detailed sleep plan or email support; a series of support chats is often powerful in supporting the resolution of tricky sleep issues and problematic behaviours.

Why Skype/FaceTime? - while I will talk with parents by phone, face to face skype/FaceTime consultations & chats are much more effective because visual connection aids overall communication and understanding of approaches, theories and concepts - remember, this approach is not sleep "training" so not based specially on timings, schedules, behavioural techniques - we dig deep!

In depth Skype or FaceTime chat consultation £75

90 minute in-depth consultation.

This option is perfect for your first consultation, It provides more time for investigation and assessment, and then discussion of appropriate steps forward.

  • Time to talk about through your concerns and for investigation;
  • More time for in-depth discussion of the assessment that will support understanding of the appropriate way forward; 
  • Ideal for families with 2 or more sleepless babies or children!
  • This option is also ideal for toddler/preschooler behavioural difficulties.
  • After the longer 90 minute first chat, the 1 hour or 30 minute support chats are usually appropriate.

Mini 30 minute Skype/FaceTime Chat: £25

This option is perfect if you just want to talk to me about your child's sleep or behaviour and to find out if I can support.

this option is based on talk time, and be a good introduction to following through with the longer chat support. 

In fairness to all families and in respect of my time, if you would like to talk for longer than 30 minutes please ask to be booked in for the longer Skype/FaceTime and chat option.

note: I cannot provide specific suggestions or recommendations within a 30 min chat, a full hour is required for a full investigation, to discuss the assessment and initial steps.

Important  Notes:


Terms and conditions apply;

In home consultations are available depending on availability within the New Forest area only; support is provided via Skype and FaceTime.

*Travel and time costs will be added to the total consultation or support fee for face to face / home visits: 

NOTE:  I rarely make home visits unless they are local, within the New Forest area.

** Please note if you want to discuss siblings, twins and multiples, please ask for a longer consultation of 90 minutes.



I am not medically trained, and I am not a lactation consultant or Breastfeeding counsellor.

Parents must ensure their child is healthy and well before embarking on sleep work.

I do not advise; it is parents choice to undertake or follow through any suggestions I may make in relation to their child's sleep.

The child's health remains the parent's responsibility throughout sleep work.

It is the parents responsibility to seek medical advice if their child becomes unwell during the course of sleep work.